Adding a new Project


Adds a new project mirror to our ftp infrastructure


Mirroring projects is fun and easy

Detailed Procedure

First, choose which array to put the project:

  • We have two arrays: /data/ftp/.1 and /data/ftp/.2
  • Make sure there is enough disk space for your project
  • If you expect the project to use a lot of bandwidth, put it on the less used array (look at iostat)

In cfengine

For local master (account on ftp-osl to upload files):

  • add trigger permissions in cf.mirror:

    /data/trigger/set/$project mode=2775 owner=$project group=trigger
  • add files/data/mirror/bin/update-master/$project:


echo "We are master"

For remote mirrors (update via rsync):

  • add project cronjob to files/etc/cron.d/mirror/update.master
  • add rsync line to files/data/mirror/bin/update-master/$project:

rsync -avH --delete projecthost::module/ /data/ftp/.$array/$project/

For all mirrors:

  • add symlink in cf.mirror:

    /data/ftp/pub/$project -> /data/ftp/.1/$project
  • if wanted, add vhost config: files/etc/apache2/vhosts.d/mirror/$

  • commit

On ftp-osl

For local master:

useradd -m $project
mkdir /data/ftp/.$array/$project
chown $project:$project /data/ftp/.$array/$project
ln -sf /data/ftp/pub/$project /home/$project/data
  • put ssh keys in /home/$project/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • add trigger script /home/$project/trigger-$project

/data/mirror/bin/trigger-set $project
  • add /home/$project/README
Your data is in /data/ftp/.$array/$project/
The symlink "data" links there for your convenience.

To signal the server to push your data to the other servers, run the
trigger-$project script.

For remote mirror:

  • after committing/pushing changes in git, run cfexecd -F -q
  • run the update script /data/mirror/bin/run-update <project> --email - this will sync the project, and trigger the slaves to sync with the master

On ftp-{osl,nyc,chi}

  • mkdir /data/ftp/.$array/$project
  • run cfexecd -F -q
  • reload apache, /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

Email message

You should now be able to ssh to with the username $project and the key that you provided. See the README file in your home directory on that server for instructions on how to upload files.

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